Kiko Make-up Tutorial

Hi! I didn’t write a blog post last week because I was getting a little frustrated with my lack of skills when it comes to making videos and taking pictures. After a much needed pep talk, I’ve found some inspiration and done a make up tutorial for you!


Last week I went to the new Kiko store at the Trafford Centre and was keen to get my hands the Champagne water eye shadow. I’ve seen a lot of youtubers and bloggers talk about using this as a highlighter. Personally, it’s a little too rough and glittery for me but if your looking for that J-Lo glowy cheekbone then this is perfect!6-Bronze-Eye

I found this picture of Rachel Mcadam from a couple of years agoΒ and really wanted to try something similar for a meal out at the weekend so hence where the tutorial has come from. πŸ™‚ The full video can be seen at the bottom of this post.


So lets get started…

I started with all the intentions of priming my lids but forgot! Great start! I’d normally use the ELF shadow lock primer which is a bargain for Β£3 and it works an absolute treat!

I then started with my transition shade, this colour is also from Kiko Cosmetics and its the shade Pearly Sangria.Β Using a very light touch and a lovely soft Boots No.7 brush, I swept a light amount of colour into the crease of my lid. It takes a little while to build this up but it just means you get more control over the smokey effect.

Using a damp concealer brush, I packed on the champagne colour just to make the colour and shimmer really ‘pop’! And boy did that work a treat! I wasn’t expecting an eye shadow for under a tenner be so pigmented, the video doesn’t do it justice, this shadow is beautiful!

Using the same Pearly Sangria colour, I used a damp angled brush and focused on darkening the corners of my lid, just to give a little more definition and blend the two colours together.

I didn’t want to use a black liner but I didn’t have much option as I don’t own a brown liquid one, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen one either? Do they exist?
Anyway… I used the Maybelline Master Ink liner that I’ve used for years now just to line the lid then filled in my lower lid with the MUA brown pencil liner. Using my beautiful Sephora palette that I’ve blogged about before, I used a small angled brush to blend the colours and take some of the ‘harshness’ of the black.


Using the transition shade, I smudged this on my lower lash line and blended out any harsh lines. After grabbing some mascara and false lashesΒ I was good to go. I did of course add some highlight because I’m obsessed with a glowy cheekbone right now. I was disappointed that the Kiko Champagne colour wasn’t working as a highlight, although I do have my trusty Sleek contour kit!Β 


This stuff is soooooo pretty! I recently rubbed my finger over the legendary Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar palette and seriously…I feel like the Sleek one is on the same level! It’s also Β£6.49 compared to the Β£49 and it really does feel very similar.


Check out the full video here and thanks for reading! πŸ™‚



Country Bumpkin

Bet you weren’t expecting that! Country chic and me were rarely seen in the same room together a few years ago, in fact it was a running joke for a while that I didn’t even know we had a back garden. My my my, times have changed. I’m all about gardeners world on a Friday night and I love nothing more than long walks in the Lakes (obviously as long as there’s a promise of vino at the end!)

I bought a Joules Gilet…there I’ve said it! I don’t know who I am any more but I’m certainly not the same girl I used to be fashion wise anyway! I guess style is something that moves with you as you grow up, things change in your life and your confidence grows too which I feel has given me that freedom to not care about rules of fashion or style.

My new hobbies include walking (hiking), gardening and buying random stuff from garden centres in a hope that it will make me better at growing plants! Oh and naturally dressing for the occasions. I feel like the Joule Gilet I’m about to show off caters to all those needs. I’m been trying this on in every John Lewis and Joules shop for the past couple of months, a little scared to pay Β£79.95 for a coat with no arms. A couple of weeks I YOLO’d the heck out of it and found a Β£10 off voucher to softened the blow. I’m so glad I did though, I’ve worn it almost every day since. The Joules website advertise this as the ultimate layer, adding instant warmth and style to any outfit. I disagree with the last part, I couldn’t add this to the lace ASOS dress I blogged about a couple of weeks ago!


And here’s my new yacht….  

  And back to reality! I really do love this gilet though, it is expensive but I know I’m going to keep it for years and years! It was perfect for these photos too, as it was a strange mix of sun, snow and windy weather today. 

How do you feel about the location shoot?! Have to give credit for my dad taking these, cheers Brucey! πŸ™‚

She In | Shine out

I have a secret!

Got your attention? Good! It’s not going to be much of a secret after this post!

I’ve always been an advocate of outfits looking expensive without costing the earth and SheIn is a website I’ve used for a couple of years to help achieve this goal!  It kind of reminds me of the Forever 21 website, there is so much stuff on there that it can get a little overwhelming but if you take your time…and keep calm, you’ll find some amazing duplicates for high end designer clothing!

Case in point…


Self-portrait! Anyone who is anyone in the fashion world is wearing something by this new designer, the dresses aren’t yet at the crazy high fashion prices but I have no doubt they will be soon!
They do the most stunning unique dresses, I’ve been looking at this new scallop high neck midi dress for a little while. Ah, I want it but I’m not about the buy a dress I have no occasion for with a price tag of Β£280. Although that being said, if one was to be invited to some kind of high end fashion show…I’m buy this guilt free!

Back to the case…I’m scrolling through looking for more dresses I don’t need and what do I spot! The damn near same dress! So much so it’s the same picture but I won’t get into that type of stuff…
Moving on! The thing about this website that keeps me coming back is that it actually has real people wearing the clothing they sell and not just on one big separate page like ASOS does. Real living beings rocking this bad boy for a fraction of the price! I do have to say though, do be careful of the sizes here, they only have small, medium, large etc. but they give measurements so not too difficult to work out what will fit.

Look at them! This dress is Β£30.03 (random 3p!) compared to the designer Β£280 price tag. Think we all know who’s winning here, us!

Case in point no.2!

Now I love a good collection of designer sunglasses, I love trying them on wishing I could buy them all!

new dior

The holy grail of designer sunglasses at the moment are the ‘So real’ Christian Dior glasses. Granted they are a bit of an acquired taste but I love them and it seems as though everyone else does as they are sold out on most websites. I’ve tried them a couple of times in John Lewis and there is no way I’m about to buy them for Β£ 335!shein

I have been very tempted to go into my overdraft for these but now I don’t need to! I found some sunglasses on the Shein website this morning and could not believe my eyes! (No pun intended, ok a little intentional!) Low and behold, contrast cut out frame fashion sunglasses! Yes! Yes! Β£9.31! I’m buying those and the other Dior sunglasses dupes they have! I don’t generally promote ‘fake’ or imposters but this is ridiculous! The only difference I can see is the fact they don’t have the tiny ‘CD’ on the arm and possibly the colour of the lens but who cares! They are such an amazing duplicate for the price, I’m happy to forgo these two letters!

I’ve found a ton of other sunglasses that are Dior dupes too! These ladies have all posted their own pictures onto the website, rocking their ‘Dior Reflected’ duplicate (rrpΒ£295)! Have a guess how much they are….Β£10.77! Don’t believe me…have a look for yourself!


If you see me rocking some wilding expensive looking sunglasses, don’t assume I’ve won the euro millions, I’ve just won the wallet jackpot! (ha that’s so cheesy I’m keeping it in just to remind the future me how much of a geek I am!)


Thanks for reading! Let me know if you’d bought anything from the site!



Crochet Cutie

Hey! I was going to do an ‘Asos haul’ but I’m not sure two pairs of shoes and two dresses is much of a haul but I love watching haul videos where the vlogger has bought tons of stuff! Shame I don’t have the budget! 

Anywho! About the name… I bought the most beautiful crochet lace dress from Asos. I’ve never worn anything so full lace, I was a little worried it would age me but the fit and flare design of this makes it feel a lot younger and fun! 

It’s very similar to the current ‘it’ dresses from Self Portrait, which I aim to buy one day!!! Only much more affordable! Granted it’s not a steal at Β£85 but if you have an occasion where you need to feel a million dollars…this is it! Whilst writing this post, it’s sold out online! I felt like a princess without all the bells and whistles and the nipped in waist and full skirt is so flattering on most body shapes! 

I may have bought new shoes too… Ok I did buy new shoes! Public desire are a Manchester  based footwear label who are doing big things on Asos! I just love how these Sparra Gold barely there heeled sandals look, the dropped strap over the ankle is so much more comfortable that the traditional barely there sandal. The colour is also the bomb! If you were going to pair your million dollar feeling dress with shoes, the only option would be high shine faux leather heels! 

Think I’ve said enough…here’s the dress and shoes! πŸ™‚ 




Do you have 5 minutes to talk about clothes?Β 

UPDATE! Booooo, so the link didn’t work. Fixed it! πŸ™‚

So I wouldn’t normally post this type of thing but I’m doing a little market research and would love some opinions. I know not everyone who follows the blog actually lives in Lancashire but if you do and you have a spare 5 minutes in between boiling the kettle, eating Easter eggs or whatever…I’d love it if you could fill in the survey below.
Thank you muchly!!!!